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I first started experimenting with animation in 1986. I mounted a super-8 film on to a dexion construction and, frame by frame, photographed pencil drawings made on A5 sheets of paper. The title of my film was Tadeuz and the Monster (duration 3 minutes)
That was it! I was bit by an animated bug and have been at it ever since…


Soon after, I started introducing moving image workshops in my art classes. In the beginning, in Vienna and Luxembourg, I used a super-8 camera. Then came the era of video8 and MiniDV leading to the well waited for digital photo camera!
I continued moving image workshops in Athens at Hill School, the department of Preschool Education at the University of Athens, the animation festival Animasyros, Exile Room and wherever else the opportunity arises.


Something’s moving! is the title I give many of my animation workshops for children. This more or less expresses how many of us feel when, after draining our patience and endurance creating an animation film, we finally see out figures magically come alive on the sceen…


‘It’s like they're sort of alive…’
third grade student

Short animation film projects created during the workshops mentioned above can be found on vimeo – Texnikes Kinoumenis Eikonas.
Many of these films have participated in festivals:
CAMERA ZIZANIO / the Olympia International Film Festival for children and young people, VAFI Varazdin,  Animasyros and at educational seminars and conferences at Hill School, ΟΜΕP, Athens Animfest, and elsewhere.


Most of the animation projects presented as examples at the end of each technique chapter have been created at Hill School, Animasyros and
Exile Room by 8-12 year old children.



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Links concerning the moving image and the general content of this website can be found at the bottom of each relevant chapter (example: When did it all begin?)


Animation workshops and seminars for children and adults in Athens are carried out at: Exile Films


More websites that will guide you in making your own animation films:


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My personal photographs together with photographs found on Google Images have been used for this webpage.  The three photographs in the ‘When did it all begin?’ chapter are from the book: The Animator’s Survival Kit.